Understanding the basics

PDF Accessibility Checker focuses on the technical accessibility of documents 

ISO Standard PDF/UA is a standard of technical accessibility.

As a complementary standard to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG), the ISO Standard PDF/UA guarantees the basic accessibility of a PDF document.

PDF/UA guarantees the best possible user experience

People with disabilities use various types of assistive technology. For an optimally accessible experience, PDF documents must be high-quality and barrier-free.

A lack of errors only means that the document is technically barrier-free  

The Matterhorn Protocol, a test catalog for PDF/UA compliance, includes 136 error conditions. Of those, only 108 which can be checked by machine.

The WCAG include many criteria that can be monitored by machine.

With PAC, most of them can be checked at the push of a button.

PAC helps with additional manual inspection  

Additional visual checks to pertaining semantics and logical reading order are necessary to ensure compliance with PDF/UA and WCAG 2.1. PAC includes views to support these visual checks: