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PAC enables inexperienced users to make a quick initial assessment of the accessibility of a PDF file. If you want to get to know all the features of PAC or want to know more about checking PDF accessibility, you will find useful information here.

Quickstart guide

The PAC quick guide makes it easier for you to get started and helps you to familiarize yourself with the user interface, all test functions and views as well as useful keyboard shortcuts for navigating the tag tree.

Quality Checks

In the explanations of the quality checks, you will find useful information on exactly what PAC checks for each individual check. This makes it easier for you to assess whether the result is relevant for your document or not.

You can also find other useful resources elsewhere on the internet. We have compiled some recommended links for you here.

Help center for error messages

Visit axes4 Help Center to understand error messages and instructions on how to resolve them.

Glossary on PDF accessibility

PDF accessibility terms explained in plain English. (currently only in English).

Techniques for PDF accessibility

Learn how to implement PDF accessibility.

PDF accessibility summit: What is the Matterhorn protocol?

A useful introduction to the PDF/UA check scheme. (In German only.)

Understanding the principle of accessible PDFs

PDF accessibility explained in an easy-to-understand way.

PAC as an online tool

With axesCheck, you can check the accessibility of a PDF in your browser, great if you are on your smartphone or Mac.