What’s new in PAC 2024?

Improved user interface 

  • Adaptation to the UI style of Windows 11.
  • The main window is tidier and simpler.
  • PDFs can be dragged and dropped anywhere onto the main window.
  • New icons with better contrast and recognizability.

New Quality Checks

PDFs are not only checked against the PDF/UA and WCAG checksets, but also against a set of plausibility rules. For example, while a document that does not contain any header tags is technically correct, this is nevertheless probably an error.

There is a help link for each warning or error in the report window

  • For PDF/UA warnings and errors, a Google search is started. (The search is always performed in English, regardless of the language in which PAC is displayed).
  • For WCAG warnings and errors, PAC opens the respective documentation.
  • For the new quality checks, we call up specific help pages on this website.

Additional improvements

  • Improved contrast check: many false positives in PAC 2021 have been fixed.
  • The report window contains the same three columns (Passed / Warning / Error) as the main window.
  • The screen reader preview loads around 40% faster, and subsequent previews are much faster.
  • The preview uses the latest Windows browser (Edge) instead of the outdated Internet Explorer.
  • The PDF renderer also works faster.