Tagged text consists of only whitespace 

This quality check warns if tagged text only consists of whitespace.

To resolve this quality check, either remove the text tag, or input some text.

Detailed explanation

This check applies to the following tags: H, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, P, Lbl, Quote, Note, Reference, BibEntry, Code and Annot.

For tags of this type, PAC 2024 checks whether they only contain whitespace characters and whether the same condition also applies to all subordinate tags.

Whitespace characters are spaces, newlines, returns, tabs and other characters as defined here.

Tag (from the list above) consists of characters without spaces SKIP
Tag (from the list above) has child tags consisting of non-character spaces SKIP
Tag (from the above list) has child tags that are not included in the above tag list SKIP
Tag (from the list above) consists only of spaces, and the same condition applies to all its child tagsWARN